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Modern Reader’s Middle English Bible of the 1530’s. This reader’s edition combines William Tyndale’s New Testament of 1534, Tyndale’s Pentateuch of 1530, and Matthew’s Bible of 1537. Matthew’s Bible was edited by John Rogers, also a martyr during the time of Tyndale. Both Rogers and Coverdale were involved somewhat in helping Tyndale with his publications. About a year after Tyndale’s martyrdom Rogers combines Tyndale’s published translations and for the remainder of the Bible he uses Myles Coverdale’s Bible. These early 1500’s translations of scripture are such a great treasure that more people ought to be reading them. This modern reader’s edition is edited with standardized spelling and some obsolete terms updated in order to make it easier for a modern reader.

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The Great Physician

I call a bird out of the East, and all that I take in hand, out of far countries; as soon as I command, I bring it hither: as soon as I think to devise a thing, I do it. (from Isa. 46)